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Some Press:

"'Henry IV, Part 1' was especially enhanced by the electric turns of Brandon Carter as Hal and KP Powell as the prince’s soldier-rival, Hotspur, who exists on a kind of testosterone overload...the actors clashed with a dazzling athleticism, as well as a perceptive command of the emotions churning within each of them." -
Peter Marks - The Washington Post

Young George Gibbs, who can seem feckless and empty-headed in the wrong hands, was provided with a beguiling sense of fun by K. P. Powell. -
P.J. O'Rourke - New Hampshire Magazine

"Powell gets Mardonius’ nobility, but more importantly, his shrewdness; you can see, by the way Powell moves his head and eyes, how Mardonius is calculating his room to maneuver."
-Tim Treanor: DC Theatre Scene

"KP Powell as Captain Mardonius...serves as commentator/narrator in his plain-honest dialogues and asides...Powell in the back corner says so much more with his reactionary expressions than anything Beaumont and Fletcher could put in his mouth."
-Eric Minton: Shakespeareances

"...the villa’s owner Anthony Wilding (KP Powell) add(s) more charm and romance to the mix to make 'Enchanted April' totally enchanting."-Judy Harrison: Bangor Daily News

"KP Powell is marvelous as Thomas Jefferson. His powerful tenor voice soars in “But, Mr. Adams” and “The Egg.” His argument scene with...Adams is dynamic" -
Tony Annicone: Theater Mirror

"Slender only speaks three lines in this scene...The gag has never made sense to me on the page and has never worked on a stage--until now...Powell scores the scene's exit laugh." - Eric Minton: Shakespeareances

"KP Powell in the role of devilish painter Clarke offers up big laughs from his preposterous murder formulas to his sidesplitting use of protective glasses."-
CM Gorey: C-ville Weekly

"Atticus has been assigned an unwinnable case - that of Tom Robinson (a heartbreakingly fine [KP] Powell)" -Andrea Braun: The Vital Voice
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